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Vocal Meditations are both passive and interactive. Come and relax and listen and join into the singing as we journey together to find connection and peace within.

Sound baths are passive rather than interactive and although we share the sound it is for the listener to meditate on the vibrations given by the Himalayan and crystal bowls and gong.Bring a blanket and yoga mat or anything you need to be comfortable and warm for this hour long session. The intention is to enhance your meditation and helps lead you into a theta state allowing time to reflect, relax and rejuvinate. Held at Browning Ave and other listed venues.

Sound scapes are 90 minute sessions using percussive instruments and vocals with a set intention or visual story worked on together to then produce and perfrom a community sound picture through improvisation. Held at Browning Ave and other listed venues.

Community singing
sessions tailor made to suit your requirements.

Perfect sound world sessions are a way to spend your spare time getting to know yourself better by joining in with others through sound either passively or by interaction.