With over 20 years experience in teaching and  leading groups I have developed a variety of workshops for well being.  I hold regular sessions in  guided meditation and therapeutic sound and movement.  I also hold sessions in breathing and movement for therapeutic benefit as well as singing for health.  Influenced by the beliefs of Integral Transformative Practice and Qi gong. Focusing on nourishing the mind body and soul.  See my events for details or  the Natural voice practitioners website.

Nurturing through sound, movement and breathing. These three techniques are all energy work and give us time to  interact with others as well as treat ourselves to time out.  Creating sound can redress imbalance from a cellular to a physical and emotional level whether listening to music or taking part in group music making. Sound vibration effects body mind and soul and spending time listening and being a part of sound helps us all to promote a healing process. Movement allows us to be in touch with our bodies helps us reconnect physically.

Perfect Sound World   See my events page for more details or come along to one of my group sessions. Companies and Festivals can also submit a request for me to devise a bespoke workshop to suit their needs.