Welcome to this blog website for information on community events

Facilitating community based workshops in movement, sound and meditation. Bringing vitality to the body and mind these Tai chi Qi Gong sessions focus on breathing and posture and alignment to promote  health and relaxation. With easy to learn movements followed by a guided meditation. Therapeutic sound sessions are currently on hold due to Covid  but a series of online interactive talks hosted by various speakers are planned and in the pipeline .

Coordinating groups for the Federation of Holistic Therapists promoting events to host speakers cover various topics. Nutrition, Sleep, Ayurvedic Medicine, Qi gong and General Health and Wellbeing.  Please see EVENTS to find out more.

As a facilitator of workshops and events I devise bespoke sessions for us to come together to explore therapies that can enhance and benefit us all.  There’s no experience needed just a willingness to be open minded and to learn new things.

Tai Chi Qi Gong with Parks in Mind and at the Yoga lounge. Holistic events at the Little Pickle Deli.  I hope to resume other community based workshops with Highcliffe Castle Tuesday Club and local festivals but during COVID 19 you can join in Zoom Tai Chi Qi Gong sessions, Music and ITP (Integral Transformative Practice) interactive talks and reflections online too.  If you go to my events  to find details about Wessex Cancer Trust or Parks in Mind Bournemouth you can email me at perfectsoundworld@hotamil.co.uk or please contact these organisations via Facebook or by looking up their details online.