Tai Chi Qi Gong sessions

Each session we review a move from the set below. We then have a warm up and run through ending with a short guided meditation.

The 18 moves of Tai Chi Qi Gong Shibashi set 1.

1. Open the energy gates

2. Open the chest

3. Painting Rainbow

4. Seperating Clouds

5. Rolling Arms

6.  Rowing a boat

7. Supporting a Ball

8. Gazing at the moon

9.  Push palm turn waist

10. Cloud hands

11. Scooping the sea

12.  Pushing the waves

13. Flying Dove or swan

14. Charging Fist

15. Flying Wild goose

16. Rotating Wheel

17. Bouncing Ball

18 Balancing Chi

Finish standing Zen


Below is the closest I can find to our sessions until I manage to upload my own video.  It’s here as a guide to remembering the moves. Ideally shibashi set one for beginners is 40 minutes long and does not involve turning the waist or bending the back or lifting the heels. This is to avoid injury and learn how to cultivate chi and keep the moves effortless. Please use it as a guide. It will do no harm if you copy the moves on the video but it’s important to know the difference.

Here below is a little more detail on the health benefits. Some names are slightly different.

PDF 18-Tai-Chi-Qigong-Sequence-and-Benefits

Western Medicine has many benefits with focus strong emphasis on physical structure. Organic and inorganic substances, proteins, tissues, cells are the substances which form the physiological body. Traditional Chinese medicine (Shibashi set one) coming from the medical variation of Qi Gong emphasising that the components are building blocks and are viewed as always being interconnected. They have different energetic properties and the interaction between each part is vital.  Qi (chi), blood and body fluids are the most fundamental. During our sessions we discuss one part of our shibashi set and its benefits. Included in the session we discuss elimination. Consider your practice as a part of helping the process of your body to discharge. You receive food, you digest food, you absorb and you discharge or eliminate. The aim is that in the process of thinking about this we are more likely to choose or consider what we put into our body so , as well as helping with posture and breathing and relaxation , Qi Gong helps with elimination. Our spiritual wellbeing is in finding the calm and focus of the movements to aid clarity of mind.

10 minute morning Qi Gong session with Lee Holden

A lovely 10 minute modern Qi Gong routine for boosting energy.

Please note that if you have any lower back issues keep the hips forward and the back straight during this session.