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Providing interactive workshops in the community. 

I invite you to take part in community events whilst discovering and benefiting from Qi Gong,  Meditation, and Sound Healing



Sessions can be both rewarding and stimulating for those who come. The ancient arts of Qigong and meditation are gaining more and more strength as people recognise their benefits. It’s also about feeling part of a movement to advance the integration of holistic therapies into our everyday life and hopefully one day into the health service .

We all have similar thoughts and feelings and a desire to be at peace with ourselves. To share our experiences is a great way to approach the groups. It’s easy to pick up the basics and begin your journey. Hearing talk of feeling more grounded and focused and relaxed. For those who want more in-depth learning there are regular workshops you can attend. It’s a privilege to pass on the knowledge of ancient wisdom that promotes us to connect with nature consider the seasons and conserve our energy stores.

As well as being good for your posture and breathing! Qi Gong is recognised as a form of preventative medicine and studies have shown that those who practice it experience less anxiety and better moods. There’s no age limit, there’s no right or wrong, there’s just a desire to take part and nourish yourself in a shared environment. I could go on…..

My continued personal interest in pursuing my own sense of spirituality led me to the mind and bodywork Philosophy of Qi Gong as an internal and external practice. I discovered this fitted perfectly with my progression and beliefs.

After a career in Music and the hospitality industry, I re-trained in 2010 in therapeutic sound in the community and then qualified as an instructor in Tai Chi Qi Gong. Having learned transcendental meditation back in the 80s self-healing had always been of interest.  Having also qualified as a masseuse and having gained a diploma in Indian Head massage  I’d also been a keen dancer and had a strong interest in anatomy. I started to explore using meditation again as a means of relaxation. Also having traveled abroad to work for a charity in Sarajevo with PTSD sufferers I took some training in this area and felt drawn to finding ways to help people relax and give themselves time to heal and explore their own wellbeing.







To attend a session , or discuss workshops , please contact Jenny Newman:

Tel: 07941586434
Email: perfectsoundworld@hotmail.co.uk