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Providing interactive workshops for community and well being. 

A second marriage and a desire to rekindle an interest in complimentary therapy and holistic pursuits drew me to training in therapeutic sound in the community and then to become an instructor in Tai Chi Qi Gong. Having learnt transcendental meditation back in the 80s it had always stayed with me. I’d also been a keen dancer and had a strong interest in anatomy. This led to training as a masseuse as well as Indian Head diploma in 2004.  I started to explore using meditation again as a means of relaxation. My world with PTSD sufferers prompted an interest in ways to help people relax and give themselves time to heal and explore their own wellbeing.

My own personal life had been a turmoil with working hours of 80 or 90 a weeks and little time to stop and think.  Although my career had been as a musician and running an entertainment based bistro a broken home and two sons who I’d never had enough time for had taken its toll. On paper I’d  sung with the London Philharmonic Choir in some of the top music venues in the world. I’d run Yamaha Music schools as well as being a peripatetic music teacher. I’d run the bistro with my husband with events and music nights. In truth my personal life was gradually leaking into my professional life and I was doing a good job of not listening to the truth. My first husband had addiction problems with hard drugs I’d had a serious operation. I was running on empty physically and emotionally trying to keep up with all of the responsibility. The recognition that I was driven to exist on my nerves was a wake up call.  The fact that I had energy and drive and stamina was doing me no favours. I can look back and love some of the great experiences I’ve had but I know that my body and mind where on overdrive. After divorcing and selling the bistro a slow realisation came that my life needed to change. \without even planning it I found myself returning to exploring therapies that calm, relax and bring some time to connect and rejuvenate.

My continued interest in spirituality and taking responsibility for your own well being was a reminder of how passionate I felt and still feel about promoting complimentary therapies as an integral part of our healthcare system. It’s still a work in progress but meeting others who benefit from the sessions and events about caring for your own wellbeing reminds me of my own journey. It’s a privilege to share in their journey to a more grounded, focused way of being.  It nurtures the teacher in me from the past which helps me to feel I can be of value. The experience with addiction helps me to understand and empathise.

All the sessions are as rewarding and stimulating to me as they are to those who share them . I believe that recognising we all have similar thoughts and feelings and a desire to be at peace with ourselves and to share our experiences is a great way to explore our existence. Empowering us to do something to help ourselves.






To attend a workshop, or discuss the workshops we can offer at your own event, please contact Jenny Newman:

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