Positive charities / organisations and reading material

Through either financial support or volunteer work we experience the joy of giving and being a part of something greater than ourselves.

Positive News Publication   £30 a year (4 magazines a year) also optional  £5 month membership


Become a member for £5 a month with the opportunity to become a share holder or support just by buying this wonderful magazine. We became share holders when they crowd funded to keep the publication in circulation. This is  a brilliant magazine full of inspiring news.

Soil association £3.50 per month


I’ve ben a member since I can’t remember! They work tirelessly to improve farming and UK health and you receive and interesting magazine through the post too.

Child of Hope £15 a month sponsors a child through education


Prucilla sent us regular letters about her progress.  She has just finished her primary education. We now support Judith who was born on 25th Jan 2012 as she starts her education at the child of hope. One of her favourite hobbies is singing. The school in Uganda is a small organisation you can feel connected to who help children from the slums to get an education and their family to find work

Healing Hands Network £35 a year


Helping victims of war and UK veterans. Read my separate page and experience working as a therapist with some of the victims from the Siege in Sarajevo. I have just rejoined and hope to be helping UK war veterans with sound healing workshops.

Natural Voice Practitioners Network £30 a year


Celebrating the voice you were born with. Find more of my events listed on this website and many other exciting and interesting vocal things going on.

St Swithun’s volunteer group. Volunteer work at the Joy cafe Churchill Gardens


I like helping with the food at the cafe and with the Recovery courses cooking meals for over 100 people at each sitting and also helping at the Joy cafe. The church run many projects where volunteers (whether church members or not) are welcome.

Triodos Banking. Current Account £3 a month


Do you know what your bank does with your money? Banks should be open, which is why Triodos publish details of every organisation they lend to on their website. By lending exclusively to organisations who put people and the planet before profits, their savers’ money works to create a positive impact and real returns.

Reading Material

The Healing Power of the Human Voice James D’Angelo

Reflections on the Art of Living Joseph Cambell

Happiness Matthieu Ricard

The Good heart Dalai Lama

Autobiography of a Yogi Parmahansa Yogananda

The Life We are Given George Leonard and Michael Murphy

Music and Mantras Girish

Your Mind Can Heal You

The Mandala of Being Richard Moss

The Science of God realisation Roy Eugene Davis





To attend a workshop, or discuss the workshops we can offer at your own event, please contact Jenny Newman:

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Email: perfectsoundworld@hotmail.co.uk

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