Sound Sessions in Action

shaftesbury Fringe June 2018 Angola 76 followed by picture from the Larmer tree Retreat in July. Both the ITP movement and meditation and the African Folk singing workshops





















Guided meditations with Breathing and Movement and Community African chants

Gaunts House August 2018

Highcliffe Castle Dec 2017

Perfect Sound World. Two short sound healing


Interactive family community singing session Javea Feb 2017


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Community Singing Workshops

Singing brings increased levels of social connectedness  and a sense of belonging and improved physical and emotional well being. Also designed just for the FUN of it.



Using simple to learn melodies and exercises we’ll also improve our breathing and vocal technique.





 At the heart of these sessions is my belief that everyone can enjoy singing whatever their level or ability.

Guided meditation

ITP Integral Transformative Practice. Workshops using breathing movement voice and sound for therapeutic healing. There is no right or wrong in these self developing sessions. Meditative and healing they provide a time for you to develop your own sense of wellbeing through togetherness, breathing movement and music. Inspired by Michael Murphy and the work at the Esalen Insititute.

Vocal meditations

First setting an intention we then calm the breath and focus. Simple singing allows us to go deeper giving us space to reach a place of peace and calm. There are no singing rules it’s just sung as it comes out.

Vibrational healing begins if we can move past the inhibitions of self-consciousness. Both passive and interactive you can choose when and where to join in. Chakra balancing and rejuvenating the listening is as important as the making of sound but taking part in both is the most healing. Come and nurture the soul, uplift the spirit and calm the mind . Bring blankets mats and pillows if you want added comfort.

Sound Bath Passive 

Sound baths are passive rather than interactive and although we share the sound of the Himalayan bowls, gong and flutes it is for the listener to travel on their own sound journey . Native American Drone flutes with healing crystals will  enhance your journey.


Bring a blanket and yoga mat or anything you need to be comfortable and warm for this hour long session. The intention is to enhance your meditation and helps lead you into a theta state allowing time to reflect, relax and rejuvenate. Held at Browning Ave and other listed venues

Soundscapes Interactive Improvisation

Sound scapes are sessions using percussive instruments and vocals with a set intention or visual story worked on together to then produce and perform a community sound picture through improvisation. Held at Browning Ave and other listed venues.



Below:  The Hub 2016 Soundbath

Below: African Folk Song and Drum at New Forest Folk Festival Summer 2017 and 2018