Qualifications and experience


Tai Chi Qi Gong Advanced Qualified instructors course Holistic Tai Chi Qi gong Training Academy Shibashi set 1 Qi Gong Module B and Energy Module and Posture and Alignment Qi Gong from the Lin Housheng lineage.

MBCT Dorset Mindfulness 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy  MBCT course for use in meditation sessions

 BAST Diploma Qualified in Therapeutic sound. British Academy of Sound Therapy. Therapeutic Sound and meditation for use in community workshops and meditation sessions

All ABRSM grades and Dip LCM Piano certificated and experienced London college of Music. Peripatetic instrument teacher in schools

Yamaha Music certificated and experienced music school teacher as group instrument teaching in schools

ABRSM all grades certificated and experienced trained singer leading  Community Choirs and Performing with The London Philharmonic choir

Itech Diplomas Anatomy and Physiology and Massage and Diploma in Indian Head Massage working with victims of PTSD as a complimentary therapist. Certificate in Ayurvedic Face massage.

Healing Hands Network   Working with victims of PTSD. 20 years with the Charity offering volunteer sessions in Massage and Qi Gong.

Laban Centre Contemporary Movement  foundation in traditional and contemporary Dance and movement.


Holistic Pursuits

In 2005 I took my skills in massage and my experience of work with PTSD and travelled to Sarajevo to help victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Working in a clinic after the Bosnian war. It was the start of recognising how complimentary medicine can really help. It humbled me to the trials of others and sparked a passion for exploring the world of holistic therapy.

I continued by looking into therapeutic sound more deeply. I then took a diploma with (The British Academy of Sound Therapy) . I began running workshops in music meditation around the Bournemouth area alongside my music teaching. This lead to the start of running sound healing sessions through a Positive Living Group I was running and at independent venues as well as facilitating community singing sessions.

I then began offering events with sound healing sessions at Gaunts House in October 2013 and the Beehive studios in Southbourne in 2014 and Mellulah Retreats in Blandford.  The move into Tai Chi Qigong was a natural progression as it fitted well with the sound healing and my interest in the philosophy of spirituality and bringing back our human connection to nature and the seasons. I began training in 2018 and continue to progress in this ancient art that apparently takes two and a half lifetimes to learn!

I have taken singing, meditation and Qigong events to The Shaftesbury Fringe,  New Forest Folk Festival and Larmer Tree and Gaunts summer Gathering  and also local events at Highcliffe Castle and The Wellbeing by the Lakes Festival.

When Covid hit I was asked by The Wessex Cancer Trust and Parks in Mind to run sessions online. I continue to run sessions online but am now back in the Park and at the Yoga Lounge and at the Wessex Cancer Trust Centre in Bournemouth from June 2022.

Singing  For many years I sang and performed in both The London Philharmonic Choir and Bournemouth Symphony choir.  Having also frequently performed at the Royal Albert Hall and Festival Hall in London as well as numerous tours abroad including Israel and America, France and Belgium.  I enjoyed performing live on television at the Proms and on the Xmas edition of QI and flash mobs at Charing cross and other London venues.  I am also very privileged to have sung live for Final Fantasy XV at Abbey Road Studios.

My interest in therapeutic sound led me to a collaboration in 2010 with Regina Rainey from Bossa Imensa on a community choir “Quay of Sea. “. Enjoying simple round and harmony singing we recognised the liberating “no boundaries” approach to vocal sound and the open access non note reading pleasure in informal singing.  I then started Southbourne Community choir which followed a similar thinking but with a larger group and regular public performance. The group being a mix of note readers and non – readers creating harmonies with an aim to suit all tastes. Taking part in some fantastic events including Christchurch Food and Wine Festival, Southbourne Shake and Stir as well as Wheels Festival and Arts by the Sea. From liaising with organisers to managing choir members . I handed the  choirs over when I decided to give up teaching. Wanting to combine my knowledge of therapeutic instrumental sound with that of voice I began running uplifting singing workshops as well as mantra and chant at Highcliffe Castle and other local venues. I also held workshops at Gaunts House summer Gathering, the Larmer Tree and New Forest Folk Festival in community based singing.

Piano and Keyboard  I started out in the 90s as a peripatetic piano teacher at St Peters School and St James as well as Bournemouth School for boys running Yamaha music schools. Yamaha employed me to set up a music centre for Yamaha keyboard, piano and musicianship  with over 100 students and two other teachers. Keen to explore their free style of teaching I recognised it as a valuable method for interactive ensemble and an inspiring way for students to play by ear. Learning through modern popular music and encouraging general musicianship through percussion and voice as well as keyboard .

I became keen to find out more about the effects on cognitive development and began exploring the healing and benefits of music aside to learning the skills of playing an instrument. I’d often found the stresses and expectations of perfection in performance off putting and wanted to find ways to encourage freedom in musical expression . I’d also studied Transcendental Meditation in my twenties and recognised it’s calming effects. After attending a BAST open day I was profoundly moved by the various emotional effects instruments have and the thoughts of marrying music and mantra meditation began.

Experience  Whilst co-owning with my husband and running a music based venue with bistro with 12 staff, I also ran 2 Yamaha music schools. This gave me the knowledge of good business practice employment and health and safety issues as well as the confidence to deal with issues which might arise from running a business.

It gave me experience of putting on events , workshops and concerts as well as taking part in festivals and gatherings. I have worked jointly with other people as well as being self motivated and directing groups to learn and produce and develop their ideas. I worked through the creative process for myself and for students from auditions to performance and instrumental exams for over 20 years. 
I learnt leadership as well as being able to work in a team.

I remarried then took a years sabbatical from September 2012 to 2013 to travel around Europe. I stopped formal teaching and continued travelling every year in the winter running workshops and teaching in the UK and abroad up until the end of 2019.  During my travels, I was delighted to run vocal meditation sessions and sound baths as well as community singing sessions and individual instrument teaching in Spain. I’ve just returned from a 2 month trip to Spain where I led Qigong sessions in person and for my UK students online at Magaili’s lovely Yoga centre in Javea Port. We plan to do more!