Sound Sessions Explained

Sessions are held at various venues, events and festivals throughout the year. See the events page or Facebook page here.

Community singing workshops  are open to anyone who loves to sing and are for the fun and love of making music together.  It’s all inclusive so it’s tailored to suit all abilities. I also offer other interactive singing sessions which vary and are tailored to suit your requirements from standing in as leader for existing choirs during absence to running event choirs for a specific occasion.  Also workshops creating your own vocal composition to breathing and projection for performance groups.

Sound Baths  are passive rather than interactive and although we share the sound it is for the listener to meditate on the vibrations given by the Himalayan and crystal bowls and gong.   Bring a blanket and yoga mat or anything you need to be comfortable and warm for this hour long session.

Sound Scapes  are sessions using percussive instruments and vocals with a set intention or visual story worked on together to then produce and perfrom a community sound picture through improvisation. Held at Browning Ave and other listed venues.

Festival or Residential workshops using the content from sound scapes sound baths and vocal sessions we work together on community sound to explore the use of voice, rhythm and movement to communicate and connect. This can be freeflow or guided by the use of African Folk or Kirtan style (secular) song.

One to One Piano or Vocal training  I run intensive 4 and 8 week courses to prepare for performance, examination or festivals and concerts.  Following up with SKYPE sessions if required.