How Sessions Work

Sound Bath

Session Duration:  01:00 hour

Giving you a place to relax and absorb  frequencies. A passive session where you unwind and take time out listening to Himalayan bowls, crystal and gongs. A chance to connect with yourself. An experience in pure sound.

The frequencies of the gongs and bowls take the listener on a musical journey and each person experiences this in their unique way. For some, the experience is like a concert, for others it is a meditative and deeply relaxing, and for others it is a healing experience. Most people leave feeling more relaxed, peaceful, and more “in-tune” than when they arrived.

During a Sound Bath participants either lie on the floor or sit in a chair and just relax and listen. (You can bring a yoga mat if you wish).Most people close their eyes and go on their own inward journey. Generally relaxation is achieved and some people do actually fall asleep. It is advisable to dress in comfortable clothing and prepare for a new experience if you haven’t been before. Also, please bring a  blanket so you are comfortable lying on the floor.
It’s all about coming together to share and enjoy the wonderful benefits of sound in our lives


Session Duration:  01:30 hours (inc. break)

Creating a space for us to share a common ground. This sharing helps in our own process.
Working with intention we create an interactive sound picture playing together with percussion instruments.

Singing Session

Session Duration:  01:30 hours (inc. break)

Find your inner voice . Tailored to the groups requirements ranging from community singing to harmony , chant sessions.

Community Narrative

Session Duration:  02:00 hours (inc. break)

Giving you a chance to explore your stories and express them through sound. The experience of these workshops can be truly uplifting and fun. They give a chance to inquire and be creative in a safe and relaxed space.

Drum Circles

Session Duration:  01:30 hours (inc. break)

A great way to come together and make sound with Djembe and other percussive instruments.An interactive session playing with rhythm games as well as free improvisation
We can provide sound sessions tailored to your requirements.

Sessions start from £5 per head